Additional hygiene rules for the mherv health-screening process during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

mherv does not test for COVID-19.
Usually there are two Rotarians outside the van acting as receptionists. They undertake the
following duties to carry out proper infection control.
1/ When setting up the table and chairs outside the van, they position them so that
correct social distancing is observed (1.5 metres apart). And wear a mask and practice social distancing personally when engaging with people outside the van. People to be tested also need to wear a mask if that is mandated in the health rules for that place and time.
2/ When people agree to be screened, they are asked to complete the mherv registration/consent form, and check-in using the QR code and their smart ‘phone.
3/ Receptionists will ensure that the chairs and table-top are sanitised regularly. As well as other surfaces that patients touch like the stair rails and the side of the van doorway. Pens are also sanitised between patients.
4/ Using a non-contact thermometer, they check the temperature of each person who will enter the van for a test and mark the result in a margin on their registration sheet for the Registered Nurse to check. If their temperature is more than 37.5 degrees celsius they will be advised to seek immediate medical advice or go for a COVID-19 test as they may have a fever. They will not be admitted for mherv tests.
5/ Receptionists will ensure that patients sanitise their hands before entering the van and after having been tested.
6/ The Registered nurse will wear a surgical mask and sit behind the perspex screen. He will also wear disposable gloves. Between patients he will  sanitise the wrist monitor used to check blood
pressure and any other surfaces that may come in contact with patients.